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"It's so amazing that it hasn't been fully 3 weeks and I'm wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes. I'm down 13 pounds, and wearing clothes that I was just about to give away because I never thought I'd be able to fit them again. I wish I would have measured myself so I'd know how many inches I'm down. So glad i found Barre Fitness that one late night while on Facebook! I'm determined to lose 12 more pounds by April 19...."- Shari H. 

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"Thanks so much Sam! I really did enjoy the program! I will keep you posted on this summer (it will most likely be limited) but I am definitely down for doing another 6 weeks in the fall (September/October) since I already know I'll probably go into Sam workout withdrawals. I'll do my best to stay at 165-170 and when I come back I'm getting down to 150-155!!!!" - Jen B.

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